– Introducing Avenoir Cosmetics- 

She looked absolutely stunning as she glided down the aisle in her wedding dress accompanied by her father. Although he was full of joy he couldn’t help but think this almost didn’t happen because he was too scared to approach her for the silliest reason, his skin. His confidence and self esteem was at a low because he knew he still had some acne scars from his younger years and she had flawless skin.

You might not know or relate to this story but we have all had missed opportunities. 

These missed opportunities due to low self esteem or confidence stem from one of three things. Our weight, our teeth, or scarred and blemished skin. We may not be able to help with the first two but we can certainly help with the last one!

Our vision is to create a world of unblemished and healthy skin for people of all ages, skin tones, and race. We believe that healthy skin starts with your diet and can be greatly influenced by which products you put on your face day and night.

The word avenoir is the ability to be able to look on a younger version of yourself and remember how you looked and felt. After multiple company name suggestions we thoughtfully landed on the name Avenoir Cosmetics. It was coined by John Koenig and is derived from the Old French words avenir, “to happen” and avoir, “to have,” all mixed together. This name could not have been more perfect because we strongly believe we happen to have the most effective products in the world. Mr. Koenig believed the word touched on the central dilemma of managing your memories: do you want to live your life, or do you want to hold onto it? Is each moment just something that happens? Or is it yours to do with as you please? Our product formulations all contain our special Cell Repair Nutrient ™ to restore and repair your skin to the youthful vibrancy you once had in hopes that you can live your best life! We want to help people look back on the happy memories and never look back on the what-ifs.

Throughout this blog we hope to provide you with educational information on a lot of different skin care topics ranging from why we created certain products, ingredient spotlights, debunking skin care myths, crazy facts about your skin, healthy skin care and many more topics. 

We are a brand new advanced skincare company and we are here to help rid the world of missed opportunities. As a new company we are bringing the newest breakthrough technology and scientifically proven ingredients to achieve our goal of brighter and more radiant skin and the confidence booster that comes with it! It’s never too late to get your boost of confidence, let us help you feel comfortable in your own skin!

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