-Serums vs Moisturizers- 

We’ve all been there. You’re at the grocery store and walking down the cereal aisle distracted by your phone and suddenly you look up. You’re surrounded by hundreds of options and possibilities of which cereal to choose. You feel so overwhelmed with anxiety and stressed with the paradox of choice that sometimes you walk out without choosing one at all. The cosmetics world can feel even more daunting with which products to choose, which one to apply first, or which ones you even need at all. We are going to simplify things a little bit by focusing on just the serums and the moisturizers. 

We often get asked the question; Do I need to use serum if I use moisturizer or vice versa. Before we answer this complicated question let’s first dive into what each of these products are meant to do. 

Serums are usually lighter than moisturizers with a smaller molecular weight to penetrate deep into the skin. They are generally much more expensive than a moisturizer because the main goal is to deliver a high concentration of the active ingredient to nourish and improve the skin significantly. Most look to address anti-aging, acne prevention, or skin brightening. In our case our Cell Repair Serum contains almost 50% of our Cell Repair Nutrient which aims to heal many skin imperfections by providing your skin with all the nutrients, growth factors, cytokines, and proteins it needs to recover overnight while you sleep. With how powerful most serums are, just remember the important adage “ a little goes a long way”. This will help both you and your wallet when using your serum. Half a pump or the equivalent to a water drop will be sufficient to cover your whole face. Make sure to gently pat around your face to get an equal distribution of serum before you start spreading. Our 15 ml bottle of serum should last for a minimum of a month when used correctly.

Wow! Serums sound amazing so I don’t need a moisturizer then right? Not so fast. Since serums focus on improving your overall skin they leave out much needed moisturizing ingredients your skin needs to hydrate and prevent water loss. Moisturizers use a thicker formula to create a physical barrier to lock in hydration and prevent your skin from drying out. We also use our moisturizer to provide your skin with a lot more helpful ingredients. Niacinamide (vitamin B3) was added as a versatile ingredient to a wide range of skin conditions. It is an anti-inflammatory which is known to combat dark spots and smooth lines and wrinkles. Our Cell Repair Moisturizer is also loaded with a combination of ceramides which are essential for maintaining a healthy and strong skin barrier.

With all those exciting ingredients let’s circle back to the originally posed question. Do I need to use a moisturizer if I already use a serum? For the most part the answer is yes! To be most effective apply the moisturizer minutes after the serum has fully absorbed into the skin. There are those who just naturally have perfect skin without having to use a moisturizer and to those people we are all jealous of them. However, for the rest of us 99.9% people using a serum and moisturizer have amazing benefits and result in smoother healthier skin.

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